Awards & Such

Member of the James Marsters Spoon Worshipping Cult: Official Webpage Mistress & Understudy of the Spoon
Member of the Spike Girls: Kitty Spike
Tuba Player for the ASS Brigade (Angel Sired Spike)
Member of SASAS (Spike & Angel Slash Appreciation Society)
Guardian of:
Spike's joy when Angel couldn't enter the Summers' house (LW)
Spike thinking he was a 'cooler guy' than Angel (LW)
Spike missing Dru's insanity the most (LW)
Spike's belief that he is surrounded by idiots (SH)
Spike's disbelief that Lenny and co. are challenging him (LW)
Spike's ability to let himself cry, even though he's a demon (LW)
Keeper of:
Spike's need to pace when agitated (B1)
The stolen blood in his veins
The smoke in the car as he drove back to Brazil (LW)
Spike's sniffles (LW)

Winner of
Daydreams 1998 Christmas/Hanukah Fanfic Contest for Miracles
Fall 1998 Scooby Awards:
The Fic is Out There Award for Most Unusual Fic (Fairy Tales) & Keyser Soze Award for Most Unexptected Plot Twist (Unexpected Twist of Fate)
Spring 1999 Scooby Awards:
Cordelia's Janitor Closet Award for Best Unconventional Couple Fic (She Was Never Mine To Begin With)

Summer 1999 Willow/Spike Awards:
Web Site Design: Content & Most Original
Action:To Saving The World
Sillyfic:Short Silly Fic: The Summer Series
Author category: Overall, Sillyfic, Extended (10+ parts) & Established
Literary Skills: Scooby Gang Portrayal (SSF)
Runner Up: Most Realistic Short Silly Fic: The Summer Series
Runner up: 5-10 part Eternity Series
Runner up: 10+ part Short Silly Fic: The Summer Series
Runner up: Author: Romance & Action
Runner up: Literary Skills: Willow Portrayal (SSF), New Character (Xavier, To Saving the World), Dialogue (SSF)

For 'Short Silly Fics' by
Saber ShadowKitten For 'Saving The World' by
 Saber ShadowKittenThe fic 'Stalker' won the Wicked Award
"Winner of Poli's Outstanding Fiction Award" : "Humanitis" by Saber ShadowKitten

Golden Fangs 2000: Favorite Author; Favorite Erotic Fic: I Want To F*ck Him; Favorite Humorous Fic: Body Paint

Spring 2001 Scooby Awards:
Spike Award for She Was Never Mine To Begin With

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