Buffy/Spike Stories

She's the gnat in my ear! The gristle in my teeth! She's the bloody thorn in my BLOODY SIDE!
-Spike, "What's My Line, Part 1"

An Unexpected Storyline

Post Becoming

An Unexpected Twist of Fate (2 pages)
Set after Becoming 2, Buffy and Spike meet up and bond. (Rated R/NC-17)
This is the first fic I ever wrote
PG-13 Version

A Child Conceived
A sequel to An Unexpected Twist of Fate. (Rated PG)

A Pregnant Brassed Off Slayer
Interlude to A Child Conceived. (Rated G)

Short interlude to What Child Is This. (Rated G)

What Child Is This
Third story in the Unexpected trilogy. (Rated PG)

The Diary of William Giles Summers - Entry #1185
A very sad story in the same timeline as the Unexpected trilogy. (Rated PG)

End Series

School Days Series

Post Becoming 2 Series
A Window To His Soul
Buffy goes to college. Guess who's in her class? (Rated R)
PG-13 Version

Winter Term
Spike allows Buffy to choose their courses. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Cooking For Dummies
Spike takes a summer course. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Curses, Foiled Again
Part Four in the School Days Series. The new semester is starting....
Lyrics by the Righteous Brothers.(Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Dancing Fools
Spike and Buffy go dancing, which leads to Spike thinking about their relationship. (Rated PG)

Buffy's twenty-first birtday is coming, but will the couple still be together for it?
Lyrics from the movie "Beauty and the Beast." (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Declaring a Major
A vampire returns, a new semester and a doll named Floppy.
Just another night in the life of the Slayer and her love. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Oral Report
A little torture, a little revelation and an oral report. What more could a Slayer ask for? (Rated PG-13)

Now that Angel has made his presence known, what's a Slayer to do with *two* vampires
who love her with all their being.
And what about that crazy chick trying to kill her?
But more importantly, what about finals?
Lyrics by: Bryan Adams and Kansas(Rated PG-13)

Blood of the Moon
All relationships have their ups and downs. Is the same true for the vampire and the Slayer? (Rated NC-17)
Lyrics by Bryan Adams
PG-13 Version

Spying on people never led to anything good. (Rated PG-13)

Blushing Vampires
What a week the Slayer's been having! (Rated PG-13)

Dinner and a Movie
Angel tells tales of Spike while our favorite couple take in a show. (Rated R)
PG-13 Version

Back To School
The new semester is starting, and someone's had an accident! (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Billy & Spike's Not-So-Excellent Adventure
Billy learns about Spike's life when he and the blond vampire get sucked into Spike's past. (Rated R)
Warning: Contains issues of violence and rape

The Things He Did For Love
Spike meets Buffy's father for the first time,
and later helps her defeat a demon...in a non-easy way.
(Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Getting Married
Buffy & Spike *finally* tie the knot.
(Rated PG-13)

End Series

Holiday Series

Post Lovers Walk

Snow Angels (2 pages)
Pure Christmas Smut with a little plot thrown in for seasoning. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

An Interesting New Year
Smutty plot filled sequel to Snow Angels (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre (or Why Valentine's Day Sucks) (2 pages)
A ghost has come to Sunnydale with an interesting problem.
Lyrics by Warrant and from the soundtrack to Tank Girl. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Luck of the Irish (2 pages)
Buffy and Spike head to LA to help Angel...and wackiness insues!(Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Happy Easter, Easter Bunny
Buffy and a bunny costume. Spike's in big trouble. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Spring Interlude: It's raining. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version
They Were All Out Of...
It's Father's Day (Rated PG)

It's the Fourth of July and fireworks are abundant, but a stray one could have disasterous consequences.
(Rated PG-13)

The Miracle of Birth
The gang happens upon a car accident and a baby is born. (Rated PG)

There are repercussions to what happened in July,
and the difference between vampires and humans come into examination. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Trick and Treats (2 pages)
Mr. Trick has a treat for Spike... (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Happy Turkey Day

It's Thanksgiving, and the Brody's are going over to Buffy's Mom's house. (Rated PG-13)

The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year
It's the day after Thanksgiving. Buffy goes shopping, Spike finds out some bad news.
Lyrics: Alan Jackson (Rated PG-15)

Christmas Once Again
The last story of the series.
Warning: Character Death (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version
End Series

The Game

Post Lovers Walk
Welcome to the Jungle (2 pages)
Buffy and Spike are forced into a deadly game. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (2 pages)

The Dance
Interlude after Welcome to the Jungle. (Rated R)

The Shadows Breathe (2 pages)
Buffy and Spike get wrapped up in another game.
Lyrics and title from The Cure (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (2 pages)

Nothing Else Matters
Buffy and Spike get cleaned up and discuss what happened with the gang.
Lyrics by Metallica (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Journey to the Mind (3 pages)
Buffy & Spike are kidnaped yet again, this time with Willow & Angel.
Lyrics by various artists. Riddles from 'The Riddle of Scheherazade'. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (3 pages)

Conversation Kills
The day after the friends get out of the House.
Lyrics: Stone Temple Pilots (Rated PG-13)

Master of Puppets (6 pages)
Buffy gets an invitation to the Endgame.
Lyrics: NIN, Metallica, Type O Negative, Guns N' Roses, Machines of Loving Grace
Buffy/Spike, Willow/Angel, a little Cordelia/Xander (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (6 pages)

End Series

Tempting Fate

Post Consequences
(NC-17 stories)

My very first PWP (porn without plot). It was written to cheer my vacuuming alcolyte up.

A certain peroxide blond has his wicked way with a certain blond without her knowledge. Guess who's at it again?

Buffy receives a naughty letter.

Buffy thinks her mystery lover is Angel.

The title says it all.

Our hero is getting a little more daring.

A gift of music.
Songs mentioned by these artists not listed: Cheap Trick, Committments, Shaggy, Neneh Cherry, Enigma, Jewel, Sarah MacLachlan, and Enya.

Buffy turns the tables on her lover.

Sometimes anticipation can be highly arousing.

Buffy finds out Faith is a bad guy.

Spike reacts rather harshly to what happened.
Lyrics: NIN

Buffy is tempted to confront Angel.

It's raining, it's pouring.

Buffy becomes aware that something is different.
Lyrics: Orleans

Something's about to change.
Lyrics: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Buffy meets a drunken Spike.

Buffy confronts Angel, sort of.

It's about time!
Lyrics: Lorena McKennitt

Spike's thoughts as he leaves.

The last story of the series. Takes place several months later and not in Sunnydale.
End Series

The Bath Series

Season 4 Implied

Bath Time
Add one drunk Spike, a tub, a duck, soap and what do you get?(Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Scrubbing Bubbles

Two minutes after Bath Time...Spike is still drunk. And naked. And talking to inanimate objects. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Message In A Bathtub
Guess who's still drunk and singing badly? (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

After The Bath Is Done
Spike is sobering up. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

End Series


Season 4 Implied
(NC-17 Series)

nightdreams [nite-dreems] n. 1. The equivalent of a daydream, only occurring after the sun sets.
2. Something Spike has about Buffy quite often.

1. Nightdreams

2. Lunch

3. The Attack

4. This Is A Nightdream

5. The Bronze, Part I - Dancing Queen

6. The Bronze, Part II - Lapdancing

7. After the Bronze, Part I - Drunk

8. After the Bronze, Part II - All Better

9. After the Bronze, Part III - The Hangover

10. Entangled

11. Talking To Giles

12. Not A Good Start

13. What Truth?

14. Slamming

15. Repercussions

16. Rumors Of My Death...

Original LineAlternative Line
17. DescriptionsBreakdown
18. And It Was All Very Real Fragmented
19. End LineThe Doctor's Office
20. Story Time
21. What's Wrong With Spike?
23.It's Time
24.Waking Up
25.Feeling Better
28.He Hated It
29.Trying To Walk
30.In Celebration

End Series

Dinner Interrupted

Late Season 4 Implied
All stories NC-17

Dinner And Dessert
Buffy's date with Riley is interrupted by a certain peroxide-blond.

A Date With Someone She Liked
Buffy's seconddate with Riley is interrupted by a certain peroxide-blond.

Dinner Presentation
Spike has to go to a dinner presentation, and gets paid back.

Shakes Or Bananas
Spike spots Buffy having a milkshake.

The Drive-Thru
Spike goes through the Drive-Thru with Buffy.

Concession Stand Snack
Buffy & Spike go to the theater.

Through Another Girl's Eyes
Buffy & Faith switch bodies.
This story reintwines the series with the show itself.

Spike and Buffy shag, fight, shag, say flowery things, then shag some more.

End Series

Singular Stories

The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
Based on the song by the same name.
Post Becoming 2
(Rated PG-13)
Sequel by request to 'Hunter': Angel's Sigh
Willow/Angel with some Buffy/Spike. (Rated R)

Family Dinner
Guess who's coming to dinner? (Rated G)

Fairy Tales(2 pages)
Buffy and Co. end up in an alternative universe.
Post Becoming 2
Buffy/Spike, Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia (Rated R)
PG-13 Version

Wondering What You're Dreaming
Post Becoming 2.
Spike spends time with the Slayer, unbeknownst to her. Lyrics by Aerosmith and thanks to AleXander Thompson for the transcript.(Rated PG-13)

The Woman of His Dreams
Spike's erotic dreams come true.
Post Homecoming. (Rated NC-17)

Rocky Horror
Short sequel to The Woman of His Dreams.(Rated PG)

Please Don't Go (2 pages)
Buffy is raped and Spike helps her heal. (Rated NC-17)
Content Warning: Contains issues of rape
Post Amends

What if it was Spike who rescued Buffy?
My take on "Helpless" (Rated PG)

The Last Time
Short fic based on the challenge: use the words 'the last time' in a story. (Rated G)

In Friendship and Love (2 pages)
Sequel to Return from Hell
Buffy and Spike help each other heal in the aftermath of Angel's demise. But is he really gone?
Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel (Rated R)
PG-13 Version

When Slayer's Fall (4 pages)
A minion of a powerful master vampire wants revenge on Angel, so Buffy & co. head to LA to help him.
Post Lovers Walk
Includes Faith/Xander, Angel/Cordelia(Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Humanitis (8 pages)
Spike comes down with a case of humanitis. (Rated NC-17)
Post Consequences
Lyrics used from: Harry Connick, Jr; Eric Clapton; Nine Inch Nails; Bad Company; AC/DC; Chumbawumba; Keith; George Michael and the poem is by Yeats.
PG-13 Version (8 pages)

In Thirty-five Years
Conversations overheard at a party. (Rated PG)

Hungry Eyes
Dare's challenge to use the song 'Hungry Eyes', by Eric Carmen. (Rated PG)

If You Had To Ask
Cassandra's challenge to use Paris and the quote about death. (Rated PG-13)

Buffy's Bad Day
Buffy is having a really bad day, but a certain blond makes it better.
Post Enemies (Rated NC-17)

What Buffy Did All Day
Because you wanted to know what happened.
Takes place immediately following Chapter 11 in Power Play
Series: Abracadabra Interlude (Rated NC-17)

Whose Reality (4 pages)
Willow, Buffy & Spike get sent to a different reality - Joss's Buffyverse!
Crossover: Abracadabra-Power Play/Joss
Occurs during the episode Enemies
Lyrics: Rob Zombie
Warning: Includes some BSDM (Rated NC-17)

If You Could Only Hear
How Earshots could go.
Buffy is able to hear people's thoughts and finds Spike's most amusing.
Snippets from: Annie, The Muppets, Happy Days & ER
Post Enemies (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

An Evening At The Prom
Sillyfic based on an obsessed Spikeaholic
and a challenge to write a prom story.
Lyrics from Rocky Horror Picture Show (Rated R)

Unconscious Calling
Buffy is unconsciously calling to Spike.
Lyrics: Collin Raye
Post Enemies (Rated PG-13)

The Monkey Bars
What could happen in Season 4 when Buffy & Spike are separated from their loved ones.
Season 4 implied(Rated NC-17)

The Pig's Pajamas
Short and sappy; and a sweet Spike.
Season 4 implied (Rated G)

Challenge fic: Buffy, Spike and Angelus are locked in a room with a pair of handcuffs.
Buffy gets mad. Wackiness ensues.
B/S/Aus (Rated PG-15)

Sand Castles
Spike tells a story and Buffy overhears it.
Season 4 implied (Rated G)

Perfectly Oh-So-Sexy
Buffy spies on a certain peroxide blond.
Season 4 implied(Rated NC-17)

sex, lies & sonograms (4 pages)
A certain Slayer is pregnant at the end of season 2.
I manipulate the episodes IOHEFY, B2, Anne, FHT, Beauty & the Beasts, Lover's Walk
Buffy/Spike, Cordelia/Xander, Willow/Oz, Faith/Angel (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

From Nothing (6 pages)
It is the year 2007. The Slayerettes are all in their mid-twenties,
still fighting the forces of darkness in Sunnydale, with Giles. Spike is found by Buffy on a rescue operation,
and is stunned by his condition. She vows to herself to bring him back,
so he can exact revenge, but finds herself drawing closer and closer to the vampire.
Post Graduation
Lyrics: Phil Collins/Genesis (Rated NC-17)
Warning: Contains issues of rape and extreme violence; Based on Poem at end of fic
PG-13 Version

Buffy is down and Spike cheers her up. (Challenge fic)
Season 4 implied(Rated G)

Excerpts of Surviving (2 pages)

A post-Becoming 'what if' fic.
Lyrics: Sarah MacLachlan (Rated PG-13)

You Just Fall (3 pages)
A Spike look-a-like shows up at the University of Sunnydale, and Buffy is sent to Mexico to find the real one.
Post Season 3
Note: Buffy never quit the Watcher's Council & Wesley never left.
Lyrics: Ricky Martin (Rated NC-17)

In Jealousy's Wake (4 pages)
Buffy asks Spike to pretend to be her boyfriend to hurt Angel, but things change.
Season 4/Angel implied
Warning: Contains mutilation (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

She Was Never Mine To Begin With
Spike writes a journal entry (Rated PG)

Nobody Lives Without Love
Season 4/Angel implied
Lyrics: Eddi Reader
Buffy/Spike; Cordelia/Angel (Rated G)

No Big Deal
Joyce finds out it's Spike's birthday and wants to throw him a party,but things never seem to go as planned.
Season 4 implied (Rated R)

Promise Me
The last fifteen minutes of the series: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and
the prologue to the very next episode of the series: Angel
Season 4 implied(Rated PG)

A Ghost Of A Chance (5 pages)
Spike is cursed and helping Buffy. Guess who falls in love?
Lyrics: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Rob Zombie
Quotes: Wordsworth, Shelley, Anonymous, Malcolm Muggeridge
Season 4 implied (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Stalker (2 pages)
Buffy is being stalked.
Season 4 implied
Buffy/Spike; Buffy/Angel (Rated R)

Children Of The Beast (3 pages)
A futuristic story about a reluctant hero.
Lyrics: Motley Crue
Season 4/Angel implied
Buffy/Spike; Angel/Cordelia; Willow/Oz; Giles/Other (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Simply Forbidden
A prophecy where the gang has to act out their most repeated fantasies.
Season 4/Angel implied
Challenge response (Rated PG-13)

Five Years of Changes (3 pages)
Five years can bring about a lot of changes.
Post Becoming 2 (Rated PG-13)

What should really happen when we don't like something.
Season 4 implied (Rated R)

Humping Like Bunnies
Buffy and Spike have a slight fuzzy problem.
Season 4 implied(Rated NC-17)

All The Kings Horses
Buffy wants to commit suicide, neither Spike nor Angel want that to happen.
Season 4/Angel implied
Warning: Deals with death, violence and other non-happy stuff.
Buffy/Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)

Slaying Retreat (4 pages)
Spike's home gets invaded for the annual Slaying Retreat.
Season 4/Angel implied
Soundtrack referred to: Mortal Kombat
B/S; C/A; B/A; A/S; W/O; X/Anya (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (4 pages)

A little Buffy/Spike interaction.
Season 4 implied (Rated R)


Buffy. Spike. Smut.
Season 4 implied (Rated NC-17)

Her Third Lover
Buffy is asked to go down to the Underworld to be a spokesperson for Spike and proceeds to get extremely mad...
Post Harsh Light of Day (Rated NC-17)

Spike distracts Buffy when the roof collapses on top of them.
Post Pangs (Rated NC-17)

The Birthday Cake
It's Buffy's 20th Birthday, and Spike's hidden in the cake...
Post Pangs (Rated NC-17)

The Plan
Spike has a plan...that doesn't work.
Post Pangs (Rated PG-13)

Buffy returns Spike's ring. Naughty stuff happens.
Takes place immediately following Something Blue (Rated NC-17)


Spike goes to kill Buffy once and for all, and ends up shagging her instead.
PRE-Wild at Heart (Rated NC-17)

Something Blue: The Missing Scene
"I still have the taste of Buffy in my mouth." - Spike
Takes place during Something Blue
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)

One of the Darkness, One of the Light (4 pages)
Buffy is forced into a prophecy involving Spike. Can they both survive it? (Rated NC-17)
Content Warning: Contains issues of rape, violence and death
Post Lovers Walk
PG-13 Version (4 pages)

A Single Picture

Spike reflects on his life.
Sequel to One of the Darkness, One of the Light
Warning: Character Death
(Rated PG-13)

Elaisias (8 pages)

Buffy, Spike, Willow & Angel get sucked into a computer game.
Post Pangs/Hero
Buffy/Spike; Willow/Angel; Spike/Angel (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (8 pages)

Not Even A Crumb
Buffy reacts a slightly differently to Spike's advances at the end of Crush.
Alternative Universe/Crush
WARNING: Semi-graphic description of torture
Buffy/Spike (Rated R)

Thank You
Buffy thanks Spike for his help.
Happens during Spiral
(Rated NC-17)

Flowers For Spike
Spike saves Dawn and kills Glory at the same time, at the cost of his own life.
Post/During Spiral/TWOTW
WARNING: Character Death
Note: This story is what I actually thought would happen (or something similar) when Gregor, the captured General in Spiral, had said the only way to get rid of Glory was to kill the human host (Ben).
Buffy, Spike, Dawn (Rated PG)

William Spikecock's 'Psycho'
A naughty re-enactiment of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho."
(Rated NC-17)

Just Live
Buffy is still wondering how to live again.
Post After Life
(Rated PG)

My Ding-A-Ling Vampire
Something simple makes Buffy laugh again.
Post All the Way
(Rated PG)

Carpe Frenulum (2 pages)
Buffy returns from the dead... as a male.
Post The Gift
(Rated PG-13)

How It Ended
“Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Time has slipped back, but it won’t be for long.”
Happens during Chosen/Surprise
(Rated PG)

119 Days, 4 Hours, 22 Minutes
Spike visits Buffy's grave to update her on life after her death.
Post The Gift
(Rated G)