"Xander, don't you care about me?"
-Spike, Hush

Brass Knackers

NC-17 Series

Teaching Spike A Lesson
No one messes with Xander Harris.
Post Superstar

Spike thinks its the thing in his head that's causing his lusty want of Xander.
Post Superstar

In the wake of Dracula's visit to Sunnydale, Spike and Xander find comfort in each other.
Post Buffy v. Dracula

Tales to Astonish
Spike realizes his feelings for Xander. Xander gets laid.
Post The Replacement

But I Don't Like Him
Xander thinks about what happened with Spike.
Post The Replacement

Relationship: Boyfriend
Love happens, even for neurotics like Spike
Post The Replacement

End Series

Tiny Smiles

Post Hush Series
From Xander's (Unreliable) Personal Perspective

Undead Sheep
Xander watches Spike sleep. Then, later, he worries about the vampire.
(Rated PG-13)

Xander's losing his mind -- he thinks Spike is cute!
(Rated PG-13)

Xander. Spike. Monster. Tree. Hand-holding.
(Rated PG-13)

Demon Problems
Xander contemplates Spike's shyness, and, later, doctors the injured vampire.
(Rated PG-13)

Xander has a really good day.
(Rated PG-13)

FDA Approved
Shopping trip to Wally World. Spike's shyness revealed.
Spike's past revealed. Spike... revealed.
(Rated PG-13)

Curse of the Grape Slurpee
Grape Slushees can be hazardous to your libido. So can adorable blond vampires.
(Rated PG-13)

Eight Days A Week
A series of firsts for Xander
(Rated PG-13)

Valentine's Fright
It's Valentine's Day, and as Xander debates on getting Spike something, scariness happens.
(Rated PG-13)

Mentally Unstable Thumb-Sucking Pussycat
Xander deals with the repercussions of the robbery and assault on Spike.
(Rated PG-13)

Perchance To Dream
The gang uses the Power of the First Slayer to defeat Adam, but the spell has unforseen consequences.
(Rated PG-13)

Just An Ordinary Sunday
It's just another ordinary Sunday in Xander and Spike's lives.
(Rated PG-13)

Amy Yip, at the Waterslide Park
The boys are off to the waterslide park.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

The Chip
There is a possibility that Spike's chip will come out.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

A Choice Made

Spike makes a choice that changes Xander and his relationship.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

Cherry Boy

Xander makes a discovery.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

The Love Boat: Welcome Aboard

The boys go on vacation.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

The Love Boat: Formal Dinner

The boys continue on vacation.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

The Love Boat: Cliched Romance

The boys get mushy on vacation.
(Rated PG-13 barely)

Home, Sweet Hellmouth
The cruise may have ended, but Xander's romance with Spike was far from over.
(Rated PG-13)

End Series

And Now For Something Completely Different

Post Season 3, General Season 4/AtS:1 Series

Rated R

Xander Harris: At the end of Season 3, our hero was going to follow
in the footsteps of Kerouac.
He ventures forth at the beginning of the summer and makes it all the way to...
Oxnard, California.

Spike: In the middle of Season 3, our anti-hero was on his way back to Brazil
to torture Drusilla into loving him again.

An accident, a chance meeting, and a dark sense of humor
lead to a very interesting companionship
between the mortal and the vampire.

And nothing that happens in their lives could ever be considered "normal."

Note: None of the science in this series is accurate, or true.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice

Storm Warning

Disco: It's Not For Wimps

The Perfect Spot

A New Way Of Seeing Things


The Notebook

Willy's Alibi Bar


Stopping Over


An Enthralling Surprise

Learning Something New About Old Friends

Lightning Storm

Never Again

The Doctor

Here Comes The Bride

Black and White


Great. Just Great.

What's In A Name?

Childish Tantrum

Who's Sexy

What Is Needed

To Be A Snake

If Unlife Is A Bowl of Virgin Hearts

What Am I Doing In The Uterus

Making A Quick Decision

Evil Teddy Ruxpin

White Sandy Beaches

Nothing Like A Good...

Wordless Apologies

Swim Lessons




Deja Vu


The Perfect Smooch

And Then He Kissed Me

Closed Subject

Hot Pizza and Cold Beer

An Accident

Cosmic Joke

Doctor Spike




Surviving the Talk

A New Deal

Series Complete

Singular Stories

The Magic Of Computers (3 pages)
It's the year 2009, and Angel unknowingly hires Willow's company to design a website for Angel Investigations.
Post Season 4/Season 1
Willow/Angel; Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)

The Dark Cavalier (5 pages)
"Death comes to all of us. When he came to Xander,
he offered him a job... as his apprentice."
Post Season 4
Xander/Spike; Xander/Death; Samuel/Anthony (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Mistletoe and Candycane
Enchanted mistletoe, Spike, and a Santa hat.
Post Shadow
(Rated PG)

Response to 100-word romantic challenge
(Heavy R)

Cricket (6 pages)
The first days of the apocalypse arrive and make Xander see Spike in a different light.
Post The Replacement
(Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (5 pages)

Subtext Becomes Text
Challenge response: turn subtext into text only using cannon lines from the show.
(Rated PG)

Seeking Satisfaction

Subtle domination erotica.
AU (Rated R)

Curious Xander

In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood,
and we have fun with Spike and Xander.
Reading Series, Level Two (Level One, Level Three)
(Rated NC-17)

Not a Very Vengeful Wish

"A wish is a wish, and I don't want to stand around all day waiting for him to say something better."
Post Something Blue
(Rated PG-13)